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Treat ER+ight: Treatment of Canadian Postmenopausal Women with ER+ Advanced Breast Cancer in the Real-World Setting with Hormone Therapy ± Targeted Therapy (CRAD001YCA09)

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ESMO Congress 2017

Catherine Doyle

Real-world everolimus experience in postmenopausal HR+ HER2- advanced breast cancer women: Treat ER+ight Canadian prospective observational study 2nd subgroup analysis

SABCS 2019

Doyle C, et al.

Exploratory Analysis of Treat ER+ight: A Canadian Prospective Real-World Observational Study in HR+ Advanced Breast Cancer


S. Chia, C. Doyle, N. Iqbal, S. Dent, C. Ferrario, S. Perri, N. Califaretti: Real World Treatment Sequencing Outcomes of Endocrine-Based Targeted Combination Therapies in HR+ HER2- Advanced Breast Cancer

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