This is TRIO

“For cancer drug developers who need the quickest path to market, Translational Research In Oncology is the proven cancer academic CRO with biological understanding, experienced staff, and a dedicated global network of motivated investigators.”

TRIO conducts clinical trials testing a wide range of innovative anticancer agents in many types of cancers. Our work is fuelled by the desire to develop innovative solutions through science—bringing targeted therapeutics into the clinic as the shortest path to saving lives. Our not-for-profit academic leadership brings together basic and translational scientists, a committed network of investigators and a powerful operational unit capable of conducting all phases of oncology drug trials.

TRIO-Global operates with three interconnected divisions:

  • Science: Translational Oncology Research Laboratories (TORL)
  • Operations: TRIO-Global
  • Patients: TRIO Global Investigator Network (including TRIO-US)

The translational research model implemented by our Chairman, Dr. Dennis Slamon, allows TRIO to generate biologically sound and innovative protocols that advance cancer research along the most rational development path. The majority of clinical trials conducted at TRIO are underpinned by promising pre-clinical data from the Translational Oncology Research Laboratories (TORL) at UCLA. TRIO banks samples from the clinical trial patients for future, non-commercial research purposes. This practice gives us better insight into cancer biology and treatment to inform the next generation of studies.

Operations – TRIO Global

Through our corporate head office in Edmonton, Canada, our regional offices in Paris, France, and Montevideo, Uruguay, and our global network of partners, we conduct our clinical research across the globe. These offices keep us connected to our extensive network of investigators and research clinics. Our global reach allows us to efficiently source patients, which helps us move our trials forward more quickly.

Our services cover the entire clinical research spectrum from study conception to design, execution, data analysis and dissemination of results. However, it’s our people who truly set us apart. We are leading experts in oncology, biostatistics, project management, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, monitoring and information technology. We take immense pride in our work and strive to provide innovation through science in all aspects of our operations.

The broad expertise of our staff and our global network of investigational sites ensure that we are leaders in the design and execution of clinical trials. These trials include all phases of drug development from preclinical screening leading through Phase I, II and III registration studies. Through our staff’s breadth of experience, our clients are able to work closely with the same company for the entire life cycle of the product.

Since TRIO’s creation in 1997, we have been at the forefront of oncology research. TRIO has successfully conducted more than 25 international studies. Although this number may seem small, it is because we focus on trials that have the best science behind them and the best opportunities for changing patients' lives. All of these trials have been extremely well executed and our completed registration trials have led to cancer drugs or regimens that have changed the practice of oncology: docetaxel in the early breast cancer setting, trastuzumab together with a non-anthracycline-containing trastuzumab (TCH) regimen in the early HER2+ breast cancer setting, and the more recent approval of palbociclib with letrozole in postmenopausal women with metastatic breast cancer. These approvals attest to the ability of TORL, TRIO Operations and its Investigator Network to generate data with the highest regulatory standards. Furthermore, the UCLA based TRIO-US Phase I unit conducts more than 20 studies annually, with promising targeted therapies moving seamlessly into TRIO Global for later phase testing.

TRIO Global Investigator Network

Because of the high level of enthusiasm for the science behind TRIO studies, TRIO’s Global Investigator Network is vast—we work with more than 700 cancer centres in more than 45 countries. We communicate effectively with these sites and keep detailed metrics on performance to optimally match sites with studies. Our centres provide high quality data and tissue from registered trial patients. TRIO accrues rapidly—all our studies have either accrued early or on time.

TRIO as an Academic Research Organization

TRIO is a not-for-profit academic clinical research organization. The members of our Board of Directors and our Scientific Committee members are not paid for their efforts. This commitment to the science draws strong academic investigators to our group because a TRIO trial is a translational study based on sound pre-clinical and clinical insights, with a purity of focus on improving patient outcomes.

We ensure our sites provide high-quality tissue and blood samples needed for protocol specified biomarker and correlative science. Furthermore, we also request that any sponsors allow TRIO to receive additional tissue for ongoing non-commercial translational research purposes. Conducting research studies with sponsors has allowed us to build very successful partnerships with companies and has become a key component of how we conduct business. If you’d like to know more about translational opportunities and our tissue repository, we’d love the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

Because of our strong academic focus, TRIO and its investigators contribute to the concept, protocol design, analysis, interpretation, presentation and publication of a study, and work closely with the trial sponsor.

The Origin of TRIO

Established in 1997 as “BCIRG” (Breast Cancer International Research Group) and “CIRG” (Cancer International Research Group), TRIO (Translational Research In Oncology) has grown into a worldwide, not-for-profit academic oncology clinical research organization of basic and translational scientists, a global oncology network of investigators and an operational clinical trials unit capable of conducting all phases of oncology trials. If you're interested in learning more about TRIO, we'd love to get in touch with you. Contact us at one of our offices to get the conversation started.