Industry Collaborators


TRIO’s Board of Directors is made up of some of the world’s top opinion and research leaders in oncology and patient advocacy. They ensure TRIO's corporate governance and protect the interests of the Beneficiary of the Trust, the University of Alberta.

The Academic Leadership of TRIO, known as the TRIO Scientific Committee, consists of passionate cancer research advocates and opinion leaders. They meet throughout the year to review all study proposals and discuss potential new strategies for drug development.

The Senior Personnel of TRIO ensure the smooth running of its operations and play an important part in its success.

The clinical research conducted at TRIO-US is a vital component of everything we do. Our passionate staff work hard to achieve results that make a difference in the field of oncology.

Dennis Slamon, MD, PhD John R. Mackey, MD, FRCPC John Glaspy, MD, MPH Fran Visco Miguel Martin, MD, PhD Doug Goss, QC, AOE John Crown, MD, MBA Wolfgang Eiermann, MD Debbie Laxague, RN Tadeusz Pienkowski, MD, PhD Henri Roche, MD, PhD Vicente Valero, MD, FACP Sunil Verma, MD, FRCP Charles L. Vogel, MD, FACP Launa J. Aspeslet, RAC, PhD Huu Phu Le Véronique Moineau, M.Sc. Valérie Bee-Muntenau, MSc, MBA Matthieu Rupin, MSc Rodrigo Fresco, MD Meghan Brennan, RN, MSN, ONP, PhD Christopher Oligny, B.Sc., MPH Young-Hyuck Im, MD Gavin Lyons, B.Comm.